Homeless Bird

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Homeless Bird

ConflictKoly is at the age where she is suppose to get married and leave her home for ever. Her life is very frustrating in the begining of her marrage, she must do what she is told and refuse.

Homeless BirdBy Gloria Whelan

SettingMehta's houseVridavanTemple of Widows

About the AuthorGloria Whelan is a famous poet, novelist and a short story for children. She has writen stories on other topics like Historical Fiction. Some of Gloria's short stories been on some newspapers.

Created By:Kayla RajvongClass and hour: LA 3

ThemeTraditions are very important to countries, you can't just to decide to change your country or family tradition. When you think you bring shame to a family your just bringing shame to yourself. Your just hurting and bringing your self down. If you care for religion you must love it don't hate how you or what you do, it just makes you you.

Genre This book is a Lovelace Book.

AwardThis book won a gold National Book Award for touching love and caring.

Book ReviewI think that this book should get a five star rate, because of it touching details. It has really surprising moments that I really liked because it made me just want to read more and more.


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