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Its one thing to Masacre people but anohter thing to do it to your own kind, thats just asking for you to be burned in hell. Hitler was sick man who had mental issues. Ive see what happened at dachau. The viedo and images they show when you take tour are horabble. Its like they are proud of what they have done but we will never know for its forbbien to speak of hitler in germany. This man in this pictuer caused pain for jews everywhere the pain and sufering they had to go through. He killed his own kind his own mother, the very women who brought him into this world.

The little kids, to think that they had to be apart of this, hitler had no emoitons. To live with out a mother and father is pain and hurt thats what these kids went through, Pain not understanding why this man would wanna be so mean . but i gues we will never know the answer to that. Six million died during the holocaust half of thoose 6 million were children.

When you look at this what do you see? i see people laying dead inccoent bystanders. And everyone is looking at it not giveing a care in the world.Due to a series of events, Hitler assumed dictatorial powers in March 23, 1933 when the Enabling Act was passed. With total power available to him, he quickly developed a sophisticated police and military force and used them to squelch anyone who criticized his authority. From this authority stemmed the first concentation camp, Dachau, just outside of Munich which started as a political prison camp but evolved over time into a full scale Nazi concentration camp to exterminate Jews and others.

This atrocity continued to the end of the war - with liberation not happening until July 1944 and later. In July 1944, the Soviet Union liberatated Maidanek concentration camp and then in January 1945 - Auschwitz concentration camp and so on until Nazi Germany was totally defeated and all peoples were freed.



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