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D-Day June 6, 1944D-day was the day that the Allies were able to invade France and have a path to end the war. It gave them the upper hand and was the turning point in the war. By taking the five beaches they attacked, Utah Beach, Omaha Beach, Gold Beach, Juno Beach and Sword Beach, they were able to get more soldiers into France and launch an attack. Hitler had one more thing to worry about and the Allies took over Paris. D-Day helped them end the war in Europe, and they were able to concentrate on the war against Japan.

Hiroshima and NagasakiBy getting bombed with atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Japanese saw that they couldn't fight against that kind of weapon. The Allies had a massive military advantage over Japan. The lose of Hiroshima and Nagasaki forced an already weakened Japan to have to surrender, otherwise more people would suffer from the effect of atomic bombs.

Atomic BombsI do not support the use of atomic bombs. When the Allies dropped the atomic bombs, the bomb not only killed solders,but civilians as well. The bomb gave off radiation that slowly and painfully killed survivors from the two blasts. If fighting always involved atomic bombs, then wars would just be planes dropping atomic bombs that make millions of people suffer and become homeless. People suffered fromburns, cancer, gangrene, acute radiation syndrome, bone marrow syndrome, purprura and much more. About 185,000 people died due to the two bombs and many more were severly injured.

The Allies CasualtiesChina = 2,483,000France = 4,563,000Soviet Union = unknown*Great Britain = 634,000United States = 970,000Total = 8,650,000*

The Axis Powers CasualtiesGermany = 9,280,000Italy = 461,000Japan = 5,972,000Total = 15,713,000

*The Soviet Union did not give identication tags to their soldiers, making it extremely difficult to calculate the number of Soviet Union casualties. Although, there were about 18,000,000 casualties, not including the number of military wounded which we don't know. If you add that number to the rest of the casualties, the Allies suffered a total of 26,650,000 casualties.

Total casualties from both sides = 42,363,000



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