highway man

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highway man

The Highway Man

The Highway Man is a great poem by the poet, Alfred Noyes. The first stanza were talking about the mood, setting and atmosphere. The high way man had a very dark mood at atmosphere. It also took place at night. The second stanza described on what he wore. He wore fancy clothing with laces and a velvet coat, and was well groomed. It also said that he carried a pistol.In stanza number 3, Alfred describes the highway man going in the inn. This paragraph also introduced Bess; the Highway man’s loved one. But in paragraph 4, the first problem unraveled. Tim, another man who loved Bess, was outside of the inn was eavesdropping to the Highway man and Bess. The Highway man was going to get gold for Bess and come back for her at dawn. But he did not come at dawn, noon nor at sunset. But instead men came marching up to the inn. They had been sent there to ambush and kill the Highway Man by the British.In stanza 8, the men and tied up Bess and trashed the inn. They then pointed a gun near Bess so if she tries to escape, they would kill her. But Bess had heard the galloping of the Highway Man and tries to warn the highway man but shooting the gun that was unfortunately pointed at her.


Clouds float in the high sky Looking down with a bird's eyeCreating cold snow, rain, and hail Blowing winds as hard as nailThunderstorms shock the earthHigh tides begin to surfAs white polar bears hunt and swim Ice cold penguns dive for the winThe oceans so vast and wide The sharks own it with prideBaby seagulls learn to flyclouds drift above them, feeling high


Moon in the black nightAs dawn comes to wake us upthe sun shines with light


The sky blue oceans so vast and wideSilver moons float above it with prideWith sea creatures looking magesticA boy and his dog play with a stickSandy beaches wait for the high tide


The sun Shines goldenly Warming up the blue world Waits for her silver opposite The moon


His rapler hilt a-twinkle, under the jewelled sky.

His hair like moldy hay


Though hell should bar the way.



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