Henry Ford

by JakeDevenney
Last updated 5 years ago

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Henry Ford


The founder of the Ford Motor Company, and sponsor of the development of the assembly line technique of mass production.

Ford astonished the world in 1914 by offering a $5 per day wage ($110 today), which more than doubled the rate of most of his workers.

Ford published an anti-smoking book, circulated to youth in 1914, called The Case Against the Little White Slaver, which documented many dangers of cigarette smoking


  • briansham 5 years ago

    briansham's avatar

    I learned that Ford offered his employees very generous wages. I like the cloudy background.

  • 2014rainsfma 5 years ago

    2014rainsfma's avatar

    I learned that Henry Ford nearly doubled a normal working mans wages per day, making his employees happy. I enjoyed the Layout of your project, east to follow.

  • Tylew2 5 years ago

    Tylew2's avatar

    I learned that Henry Ford published a anti smoking book.
    I like the placement of each photo, they all compliment each other.

  • KeenanHurley6 5 years ago

    KeenanHurley6's avatar

    I like the background reminds me of gravels on the road. Henry ford created the assembly line

  • 2014gatesma 5 years ago

    2014gatesma's avatar

    I learned that Henry Ford published an anti-smoking book. I liked that the pictures of all the cars and how they have evolved.

  • GrandWizard 5 years ago

    GrandWizard's avatar

    i Like how you put pictures of his oldest cars and his newest cars. I didn't know he was the creator of the assembly line i thought he was just the one who perfected it.

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