helping north korea

by yongliang102
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Social Studies

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helping north korea

problems faced by north koreans

families were seperated because of the china police as they were counted as refugesthey had to hide their identity to survive in china or south korea , becauce they might be killedthey had to pay bribes and fines constantly there to prevent themselves from being killed or jailed

what we can do to help themwe can do many things such as donating food or money or raising public awareness for the trouble they are facing

watch this video to see how a girl from north koreahad to survive in china and south korea and share ithard to survive

bychong yong liang(10)S1-09

why are they being treated this way ?honestly , I think china just wants tostay out of this and thus just sends them back or executes them .

however, I do not understand why they have to be so cruel they are just looking for somewhere to settle down , theycould just let bygons be bygons and live together .



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