Helmuth Hubener

by phungalex
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Social Studies

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Helmuth Hubener

My Name Is Helmuth

ThoughtsHelmuth was a very brave boy who had very strong thoughts. It was too bad that he lived in a country where you can't speak your thoughts. He dared to speak out and because he did, he died.

CharacteristicsHelmuth had the characteristics of a great person. He was loyal, trustworthy, and a great friend. When he made his promise, he kept it. Even if it meant that he would die.

What he did He told the truth to other people. He sent out several fliers and leaflets. It told the truth about the Nazis. He tried his best to tell the Germans but they just didn't believe it. He continued trying to do this until his "friend" ratted him out. Even then, he did not blame him.

Feelings He felt that all Germans should know the truth. He even tried to tell them. They were too stubborn. He felt that they should know the truth about the Nazis. It's just them that didn't believe.

What He SaidHe spoke about the Nazis. He told of what they did. He told of their lies. He spoke only the truth, but one person can't over rule all of Germany. That's what got to him.


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