#HelmetsR US Opsparc 2017 Grades 3-5

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#HelmetsR US Opsparc 2017 Grades 3-5

In your own words, what is Spinoff technology?We think that Spinof technology is using a previously invented technology and improving it soso it can be more easily used ormore effective so humans and or machines will do better in what they would use the technology for.

Design Review

Create your Own Spinoff

Be a Researcher

Memory foam. Memory foam is a technology where a foam type material is used in things such as sports equipment and other things. If you put pressure on it, it will take the shape of whatever is putting pressure on it. For example, if it is used in a football helmet, it will take the shape of the head. It benefits us because it is very protective. Originally, it was used in the seats of Nasa’s spaceships.

Freeze dry process. It looks a bit different from normal food because it’s obviously not freshly made. This was originally used for astronauts in space. This works in a way where the food is frozen and then dried to be kept for a long period of time. This benefits us because in the case of a natural disaster, there would be food that could last for a long time without perishing.

Solar panels. Solar panels are a special technology where it uses the sun to create energy. It is used in houses for power and even schools. It was originally used in spaceships for powering ordinary things that need energy to work. It benefits us because it helps the environment by using fresh energy .

Our spinoff will be an extra safe version of the modern day football helmet, with gel foam and an extremely strong carbon fiber and kevlar fusion shell, as well as a motion sensor and hit warning system, to tell how severe a head injury is. The gel foam is used for comfort, as well as cooling and the shell of the helmet is used for the shell! The motion sensor's batteries will be stored on top of the helmet, with a smooth indent. Inside is where the batteries will be stored and they will be used for powering the motion sensor and hit warning systems.

Our deisgn has many strengths, such as having a very hard and impact aborbing shell and having gelfoam as a cooling device as well as a cushion.We also have some weaknesses, because we have a sensor in the back of the helmet warning the player and coaches of an incoming impact, and that requires a battery pack. It may also be a bit heavy because there is a layer of gelfoam in it, too.


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