H.Earth and Environmental Science: 3.2 Geohazard/Landform Glogster

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Melanie Mills

Normally, a tea table is a small table used for serving tea.But that is not the only type of tea table that there is. There is a type of erosional landform called a tea table. It is made of the remains of a strata (a vertical column of rock) that has been eroded. Tea tables usually consist of layers of sedimentary rock, in which the upper layers are wider than the lower layers due to differences in the rock types (how easily they are eroded).

H. Earth and Environmental Science: 3.2 Geohazard/Landform Glogster

Melanie Mills

Jug Rock is located in Indiana, near the White River. It is made mostly of sandstone, and is the largest tea table in the United States.

The video above explains erosion. Erosion is the process which forms tea tables.


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