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Man its been days since ive had some... some... some CRACK

Families were almost universally thrown into shock by the discovery that one of the children had developed a problem with drugs. For most, if not all, families it was an event of such deep significance that it completely and forever changed the family and its sense of itself. Commonly, the family response upon discovery was utter confusion and panic, their effects and consequences. A characteristic of all the families interviewed was the impulse to contain the problem within the family and resolve it without recourse to external agencies. At most, parents would consult with their GP for help and advice. The often-felt shame of having a child with a drug problem further cemented the impulse to contain the problem. At this stage, the family focus was the child with the drug problem, not the impact it had on the family.

A healthy family requires a good handle on reality. Wherever illusions take the place of reality, relationships suffer and the delicate balance that is family begins to disintegrate. Drug abuse is an attempt to escape from what is felt to be an untenable reality. It is believed that the escape is the solution but this is part of the illusion.

how do drugs effect a family or friendship

According to the Betty Ford Center, a national study on drug use and abuse in 2004 showed that 8.5 million Americans age 12 years and older were addicted to alcohol and another 5 million were addicted to another drug. That is far more than the current population of New York City, the nation's largest city. With so many people facing addiction, imagine three or four times that many people who are affected by the addict as a member of the immediate family. There are numerous ways drug and alcohol abuse can affect a family.

People take drugs and alcohol for lots of reasons like to have fun, to relax, to cope with stress, sadness or boredom. Your relative or friend may be experimenting. Not all drug use leads to dependence. However it can still create problems for the user and their family. Drug use and dependence are not always related to low self-esteem or family problems. Alcohol or drug use can happen in any family, regardless of how close you are. You don’t have to go through this on your own. Get help. Remember support can help you to cope, and to continue to support the drug-affected person, if you choose to do so.

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