Happy birthday GEF from Fluency MC & Skillvia!!

by silversal
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Happy birthday GEF from Fluency MC & Skillvia!!

In Global English Forum, here’s what we’re doing:Immersing, rehearsing, conversing, reviewing.Now’s the time. The time is now to learn through rhyme. Let me show you how.Please allow yourself to unwind. I think you’ll find you can free your mind and seize the power to face any situationwith the English language as fresh inspiration.

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Happy Birthday GEF from FluencyMC!!

In Global English Forum, here's what we're sayingWe love to write poetry, it's just like playingToday is the dayTo celebrate the WAYWe share and thinkSmile and winkEmoticons, English songsDiscussions, questionsGlobal Blessings!!!





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