Group A School Field Trip

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Group A School Field Trip

Our Trip to the Liberty Science Center

Visit our group's voicethread and learn exactly how we are going to raise money for our field trip!

We have decided that for our groups field trip we want to go to the Liberty Science Center. We chose that place for many reasons. By going through this glogster you will find out more about the venue, how we will get there, how we will raise the money for our trip, and how this aligns with our school's curriculum and stadards. To get to this point we had to research a lot of different things and figure out where we wanted to go and for what reason!

Why we chose this field trip:

We know that you want to know how this relates to the school's curriculum and standards, so if you click here- we will tell you how this field trip fits!

The Liberty Science Center (LSC) is located in Liberty State Park in Jersey City, New Jersey. The LSC offers interactive skill/knowledge enhancing exhibits, presentations, and activities that will give students a most memorable scientific learning experience. How would you like to......

Want to learn more about the Liberty Science Center and things we can do on our field trip?

Climb a Rock Wall

Scale a skyscraper beam 18 feet in the air?

Test structures in a 20-mile per hour wind tunnel?

Examine sea creatures up close?

See tiny, colorful poison dart frogs?

Create a 10-foot geyser blast of water?

Play "Find the Tick" to see how to avoid them outdoors?

"Spray" digital graffiti across a 10-foot screen

The first thing that we had to do as a group was decide what type of transportation was needed. We took a short survey provided by our teacher and with those answers we determined that the best form of transportation to take was renting a school bus. We researched many different companies and found the bus rates at to be the cheapest. We created a chart that compared all of the different companies and prices and chose from that! Click on the school bus to get the directions from mapquest.

Wondering how we will get there?

Where else can you participate in these fun-filled activities? If you are not convinced yet, check out this student tour of the LSC!

We have also already filled out the school board approval form for field trips. Click here to view!

Peter Bongiovanni

Ashley Markey

Elizabeth Miller

Kristi Reichard

Visit our diigo to see our list of resources

Click here to see how we would assess the project and also our individual contribution



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