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great Exhibition

THE GREAT EXHIBITIONOf 1851By: Alivia Baxmann, Isabella Cossu, & Mallory Volz

Inventions  - massive hydraulic press- steam hammer- defensive umbrella- sportsmans knife- extremely fast printing press- velocipedes (bicycles)- folding pianos- fire engine- every kind of steam engine

Participating Countries - Canada- America- France- Britain- Russia- Chile- Switzerland- Germany

Who attended? from May 1st to May 23rd, the price of admission was fairly expense allowing only the underclass to by able to attend. Still people came from all over the country in element carriages in order to see everything the Exhibition had to offer. On May 24th the price of admission was dropped to a shilling per person so everyone from factory workers to school children to country folk dropped by. The Exhibition closed on October 11th but by that time over 6 million people had passes through the doors of the Crystal Palace.

Impact  Britain is a world leader in research and development. It's legacy has supported many innovators over the past 150 years.

Created why? The Great Exhibition embodied Prince Albert's vision to display the wonders of industry from around the world. This was the time for Great Britain to show off, on the international stage. The general idea of the exhibition was world peace.

Unique why? The innovative glass design of the Crystal Palace, which housed the Great Exhibition, had never been seen before in London. The fair was the first international exhibition of manufactured products, with many being unveiled to the masses for the first time.


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