Grades 3-5 (OPSPARC 2017)

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Grades 3-5 (OPSPARC 2017)

Let me explain a lttle bit more about my spinoff/invention. The LED lights will only turn on if the light level is too low for reading. If the light level around you is just is a little dark the lights will glow dimly. If the light level is super dark the lights will shine brightly. If your pair of GloGlasses runs low on charge just plug it into the charging cable inside the case. It's best if you charge it when you're not using it. Since the charging cable is in the case that means you can charge your glasses on the go. According to my calculations they will take about 7-12 hours to charge fully. If you use it for fifteen minutes it will drain about 2% of the battery. Don't get too excited yet there are some weaknesses. If you are a serious reader and you read alot you should charge your GloGlasses oftenly. Otherwise, you should be pretty satisfied with this invention. (For diagram of my spinoff click the little paperclip in the corner and then click Forh.pdf)

Here is a picture of invisible braces that I got from the internet. I've seen invisible braces on my friend before but I didn't take a picture of it. Invisible Braces were invented by a company working with NASA. Invisible Braces are made from translucent polycrystalline alumina. Since they are made from translucent polycrystalline alumina look better than traditional braces, because they look like nothing at all.

What Is a Spinoff

My Spinoff

A Helpful Guide to my Spinoff

Invisible Braces:

I love reading, when I start reading a book I can't put it down. This is the reason for my glasses. Let me explain when I read in the dark it lowers my eye level. So that's why I invented the GloGlasses. The GloGlasses have two censors on the corners. Each censor senses if the level of light around it. Then the LED lights on the frame will turn on if the level of light is too low for reading.

How It Works:

Here is a picture of me holding my athletic shoe. Athletis shoes were made the same way as some parts of NASA's space suits. Astronauts need to move aroung easily in space. That's why most athletic shoes are flexible.

This is my baby brother's milk formula. We mix it with his mineral water and we get milk.. NASA scientists were working with a plant called algae. They found something that they later on figured out it was good for babies.

Athletic Shoes:

Baby/Milk Formula:

GloGlasses charger case

A Spinoff is NASA technology originally meant for NASA uses, but changed for us to use inour everyday lives. Most Spinoffs include NASA's space technology. For example invisible braces include NASA's technology. Look down at the examples down below.

By: Yumna A.

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Spinoffs In My Environment

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