Gov - Ch 11, sec 1

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Gov - Ch 11, sec 1

Jurisdiction of the Courts

Federal Jurisdiction: page 3061.Shared jurisdiction between states & federal is called......2. The type of jurisdiction when you have the authority to hear a case for the first time is called....3. The type of jurisdiction where you hear the case on appeal from a lower court is called.....

Developing Supreme Court Power

1. Principles established by previous court cases are called.....2. The people enggagged in a lawsuit are called.......

The Federal Court System

Marbury v. Madison

The Court battle sapped him. When he went back to being a slave his heart just wasn't in it.The Book: pg. 308: "It also made an objective evaluation of the Taney era nearly impossible."That's like saying the Holocaust makes it nearly impossible to objectively evaluate the Hitler era.

This court case is.....


States Rights

Due Process1. Slaughterhouse Cases2. Plessy v. Ferguson

This court case is.....

Before Marbury vs. Madison the Supreme Court could only check laws for spelling and punctuation errors.

This case paves the way for the Civil Rights movement and the Beastie Boys.


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