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Google Minded

LEARNEDGoogle is watching us! "Is Google Making US Stupid?" mentions that Google is collecting " . . . terabytes of behavioral data through its search engines . . . ."

I use Google's email, Gmail, and ads always pop up that relate to what I am writing about in the email. I never really thought much about Google usingt their tools to learn about me. In some ways this is scary, but at the same time I am okay with it. Google gives us so many great tools for free that I accept the fact that they have to get something from me too.

QuestionCurrently, I have a four month old baby at home. He doesn't care what time it is, if he is hungry then its time to eat. The rest of us don't work that way though. This is obvious when you go into a resturant at 4 pm and it is empty. If we didn't live by the clock people would probably eat at 4, but since clocks are a reality everyone eats lunch around 12 and dinner around 6. It makes me wonder what school would be like without bells, what if students simply moved from room to room as they understood a concept?

LearnedThe clock changed the we think! Nicholas Carr explains that "when deciding when to eat, to work, to sleep, to rise, we stopped listening to our senses and started obeying the clock."

Idea for my ClassroomIn the article it is mentioned the the NY Times created short articles that preview what is in the paper so that readers can choose what they really want to read about. This could be a good activity for my students. They must create a short article that previews thier library book. Other students can read their article to decide if they would like to read the book.

Theresa Gray


LearnedWhat does is it mean to be Google-Minded? It is difficult to pay attention to one thing and the ability to concetrate is almost lost. This is because there are always so many things happening on the screen at once (like this page). QuestionCarr admits that many have been short sighted throughout the years and have only feared the changes new technologies will bring about, I wonder what positive outcomes we are too short-sighted to see coming?

Imagine having never seen a clock before.


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