Goals and Objectives

by Geenie27
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Goals and Objectives

GOALS..........They give you direction and motivationYour life's planYour guide to the future


Paint a picture

Instead of writing your goal as a task on a ToDo list, imagine what it would be like to reach your objective. Paint a mental picture of the end result and write it out in present tense, including the emotions you would feel upon reaching your goal.

To ignite motivation and increase your chances of success, you have to know why achieving this goal is important to you. A goal without a supporting purpose will not have much power to drive you to action.

Prove the goal attainable

State the purpose

You have to know that reaching this goal is something you can do; otherwise you are not likely to give your best effort. Listing the reasons why you can attain your goal brings it much closer to reality in your mind.

Make you action plan

For obvious reasons, this is a critical step. You must have an action plan for how you are going to reach this goal or it will never come into reality. Write the things that have to happen in order for your goal to be attained.

Reward yourself

Reaching your goal is a big accomplishment and merits a reward. Write something that you will do for yourself upon attaining your goal and having some reward to look forward to will serve as additional motivation along the way.

People who succeed have goals, and people who have goals succeed.

7 Deadly Sins of Goal Setting1. Not putting goals in writing2. Being unrealistic3. Motivations are unclear4. Not having a plan5. Not taking action6. Losing focus7. No follow-through




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