Glogster Task Grade 3

by missspink
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Glogster Task Grade 3

Glogster- Term 4

Your Task:Use Glogster to create an interactive display of information that you have learnt from one of the experiments you conducted in week 2 or 3.

Grade 3

Your Glog MUST include the following:

Atleast 4 different graphics.

3 to 4 bubbles or stickers of information.

A title

Make sure you SAVE SAVE SAVE

A different Glog wall and Page wall.

Sound- You may like to record your observations of the experiment and upload it to your Glog. Images- Photos from or about your experiment.


Make sure you include all of the requirements.Experiment with colours and shapes!Your Glog must be completed by week 10!HAVE FUN!



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