Glog- Stage 2: Visual Arts Assignment

by Awadalla
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Glog- Stage 2: Visual Arts Assignment

Get inspired

What to do? - Description of artist and artwork should be 1/2 a page. You should include details such as their date of birth, date of death (if any), place of birth, where they grew up, what they did for a living and what inspired their work. - Include an image of the artwork chosen which this artist has made. - Look out for your spelling and punctuation as you will be marked on how well you do this.How to Submit My Assignment? - Use the EDMODO link below and Group Code to access our class EDMODO page and upload your assignment. Code (vc34qa) - If you need help uploading your assignment, please message me through EDMODO. Can't wait to read your work :) From Mrs. Awadalla


Researching an Artist of Your Choice


1) Research an Artist of your Choice 2) Include details like their name, date of birth, place of birth etc. Describe why you chose this artist and attach an image of an artwork they have made and breifly desribe why you like this artwork. 3) Make sure you proof-read your work for grammar and punctuation. 4) Upload your assignment using EDMODO.



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