Glog on the GO - ZAGREB, Tkalciceva Street

by LjiljanaL
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Glog on the GO - ZAGREB, Tkalciceva Street


Long story short, Tkalciceva is where you want to be for nightlife in Zagreb. It starts just a few meters off the central square –  Trg bana Josipa Jelacica. The easiest way to find it is to come under the square’s clock, located left of the statue of the mounted horse. From there, turn north and you will see steps leading to Dolac Marketplace. Head towards them, but don’t go up, as Tkalciceva begins at their bottom. You can see the first cafes and snack bars to the left. These are only the beginning, of course. Tkalca features dozens of similar places, and be assured- every soul wandering through Zagreb will find something to their liking. No matter what you desire – from classy restaurants, pizzerias and fine clubs to small, intimate cafes or kebab stores, Tkalca will provide.

Every city has a street where people go to enjoy nightlife, and Zagreb is no different. It has Tkalciceva street, a place where the sounds of music mix with laughter and cheering round tables. But those who prefer a glass of good wine with a good meal will also find a place to call theirs on this street.Welcome to "Tkalča"!



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