Glog from Swansea GB Mar 24 2016

by debbaff
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Glog from Swansea GB Mar 24 2016

What is an Open Digital Badge ?

Each badge is represented by an icon with the conference hashtag #SUSALT16. The image incorporates baked in meta data providing links to relevant criteria for earning the badge and the associated evidence.

We intend to issue a badge for colleagues who evidence good practice of the impact of TEL in their teaching. There is also scope for adaptation for various CPD activities including mapping against the JISC Digital Capabilities as has been introduced in other institutions (eg: University of Sussex ) Other potential uses include possible mapping to the HEA UKPSF and this will be explored in the forthcoming academic session.

Open Badges in HE Conference University of Southampton 8th March 2016

Video outlining Pilot for #SUSALT16

Open Digital Badges at Swansea Pilot

Swansea University is undertaking a pilot project to introduce Open Digital Badges at the SALT Learning and Teaching Conference in June 2016.

Debbie Baff (

Future Plans

This is an interactive poster please scan the QR Code at the foot of this poster

We are issuing badges through the Open Badge Academy at Digital Me.

There are Four Different badges available: Participant, Presenter, Social Media Champion and Conference Supporter ...



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