Glog from Prospect US Aug 16 2015

by dchen216
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Language Arts

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Glog from Prospect US Aug 16 2015

I wanted to capture the pressure that Amir was under from his father. All throughout the book, the constant urge to satisfy Baba,Amir's dad, has been hinted at again and again. The first part of the passage that reads "something missing in that boy" reflects on Baba's dissapointment of Amir as a son. Amir doesnt stand up for himself like Baba does and the latter is worried he wont become a man in the eyes of Baba if he goes down his "way". The second part of the poem, "if i hadn't seen him with my own eyes i'd never believe he's my son", represents the confusion as to whether or not Amir is even related to his father as their personalities differ.

Something missing in that boylet him find his waywhere is he headedYou're angryHe needs someone who understandsGod knows i don'tSomething about Amir troubles meIf I hadn't seen him with my own eyesi'd never believe he's my son

found poem by david chenwords borrowed from Kite runner by Khaled Hosseini



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