Glog from Adelaide AU Aug 27 2015

by jacksonharvey132
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Glog from Adelaide AU Aug 27 2015

In the main plot Dylan webber is 18 and having his 18th birthday the day that its set.Dylan starts to feel terrible headaches and faints at the party.In the meantime kevin is trying out for the rugby Australian championships for under 18's.Will he have to give up his carrer to see his best friend for a last time.And what will happen to Jack webber and his love Mariane during the time this is going on.

Jack Webber the dad of the famous Dylan Webber has gotten a job as a technitian and has met the love of his life whilst doing it.He said it was one of the best choices to start work again in his life.

Paper planes 2 all grown up

By Jackson Harvey




Kevin is now 16 and has tryed out for the under 18 rugby team in WA and the quest continues to make his way to the top whilst dodging many challenges

Dylan is now 17 and has felt really bad pains in his head and worried with what might happen. Will we find out what happens to dylan.Dylan has come back from tokyo 1 year ago and not much has happened in that time so the

Main plot


At Dylan's 18th birthday party he finds himself dizzy and wheezy and his friends find him passed out in his room and call an ambulance. They find out that Dylan has a brain tumour and may or may not survive


Dylan goes in for the operation and it is a success so dylan will get to live a long happy life.Dylan.He gets to watch kevin play his grand final match which they won


The setting is in WA like the first movie they still live in the same house go to the same school. Dylan travels to Perth to get his tumour removed. And on he goes to Perth airport a few days after his operation to go see Dylan’s game in new Zealand



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