Glog-depressants and stimulants

by mrslawson
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Glog-depressants and stimulants



A stimulant is a drug that speeds up mental and physical functions. It makes the user more alert, and possibly constantly on edge.

A Stimulant enhances the central nervous system, and improves awareness, and productivity. It speeds up the heart, and blood pressure. It also lessens the need for sleep and food. Stimulants supress anxiety as well, and were used to aid in neurological disorders.

Some Common Stimulants are: Caffeine - Caffeine is common in energy drinks. Cocaine- A powdery drug that changes neurotransmitter levels. Amphetamine- A drug administered for disorders like ADHD and ADD. Nicotine- Found in cigarettes and tobacco products. Ecstasy- A drug that has hallucinogenic properties, and was used to treat depression.

Depressants reduce the activity in the brain, and are almost completely opposite of stimulants. They slow done heart rate, cause sedation and a feeling of cloudiness. They have been used therapeutically by reducing anxiety and stress, cloudiness pain, and cause muscle relaxation.

Common Depressants include: Alcohol- A powerful intoxicant that blurs brain function. Barbiturates- Relieves the symptoms of migraines but has the high possibility of overdose. Opioids- The foundation of heroin. Nitrix Oxide- An inhalant that disorients the person and creates tunnel vision.

Both drugs make the user build up a tolerance. This means, you need more of the drug to feel the same effects each time you take it. If you're a heavy user, this can be horrible because of the possibility of overdose.

These drugs are most commonly taken orally through a pill, but can be smoked, injected, or absorbed into the body.



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