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"All of these agencies of corruption were banded together, and leauged in blood botherhood with the politician and the policel; more often than not they were one and the same person,--the police captain would own the brothel he pretened to raid, and the politician would open his headquarters in his saloon."(chapter 25, pg. 303)

"It would be nothing unusual if he got his skull cracked in the melee-- in which case they would report that he had been drunk and had fallen down, and there would be no one to know the difference or to care."(chapter 16, pg. 163)

ThesisThe Jungle uncovered the unfair justice between big businesses and workers which is still a problem today.

"He has no wit to trace back the social crime to its far sources-he could not say that it is the thing men have called "the system" that is crushing him to the earth; that it is the packers, his masters, who has dealt their brutal will to him from the seat of justice."(chapter 16, pg. 191)

The Ugly Unjustice

(Inpired by The Jungle)By: FranzSpills




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