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Day 4: 5/ 18Today, we will be leaving to Yongin for EVERLAND at 7 AM. Everland is like the Disyland but it's the "Korean version" of it. It might be similar but has unique Korean style rides, snakes, and shops. Everland has different place to In order to be there before the crowd comes, we have to go early and buy an all day park ticket so we can play untill midnight, see the fireworks and the parade. It will be fun at noon when we get to ride the indoor and outdoor rides. Also in the afternoon, everything starts to light up, so get excited! Quick info: It will take about 1 hour and 30 min from Seoul to Yong In.

Day 1: 10/5/15 Friday [Remember in Korea year comes before the month and date.]Our plane is landing at 4:45 P.M. It will take about 2 hours to finish everything in the airport and another 2 hours to get to the hotel. We will travel by charter bus, where dinner packages will be served. [Doe Si Lock.]Everybody will check-in at the hotel. Please take a rest and sleep tight so you can enjoy the next 6 days~

THE SHILLA SEOUL HOTELWe will stay in this hotel for the whole trip. This hotel is known as the Best hotel in Seoul. The Shilla Seoul is a very sophisticated hotel. All the rooms are nice, and has good service. There are 5 restaurants and a pastry shop. It also has 3 spas, a fitness club, and a swimming pool. So we're sure you can relax after our busy days.

Day 3: 5/ 17Today we will be going on the Seoul City Tour. We will be visiting everything that you've seen yesterday up at Seoul Tower. First of all, we will be heading to Chung Hwa Dae where the President lives. To compare it to U.S.A, it's like the White House where President Obama lives. [quick fact: Korean has a constitutional government and the president right now is Lee MyungPark.] After that, we will go to Gyung Book Goung. Gyung Book Goung is where in olden days, the kings used to live. To summarize it, Gyung Book Goung is like the old White House, but they built a new one behind it called Chung Hwa Dae, where the current President lives. Next, we will visit Chung Gae Chun. Chung Gae Chun is bascially where all the water flows from different counties onto a river called HanGang. It is actually really cool and pretty how the water flows espeically at night when they turn the lights on.

Day 2: 5/16 Saturday Wake up time is 7:00 a.m. Breakfast will be served at the hotel.At 9:00 a.m. we will leave for Myung Dong. Everybody can do some shopping here. We will have lunch at 12:00 p.m. which includes dukppokee [spicy rice cake]. Next stop will be the Teddy Bear Museum and tour for two hours which includes souvenir shopping. Lastly, we will visit the Seoul Tower/Nam San Tower. We will go by cable car to the top. Eat dinner at the top of Seoul Tower. On our way down, we can enjoy the night view of Seoul.

Day 7: 5/21Check out early at 6:00. Take a limo bus to the Inchun airport. Go around the airport. The Inchun airport is the biggest airport in Korea, and there are a lot of things we can do before the plane leaves.The plane leaves at 10AM

Day 6: 5/ 20Today, we will be visiting Yueedoe. Yueedoe is located in Seoul and basically it's like a county. When we visit Yueedoe, we will see many different things, such as, Guk Hae Ee Sa Dang, 63 Building, LG Twin Tower, Han Gang, and more. First of all, Guk Hae Ee Sa Dang is like the National Assembly Building, the Capitol, or the Houses of Parliment. The 63 Building was one of the tallest buildings in Seoul, but as the economy develped, there are now some other buildings that are taller. However, 63 Building is still one of the famous places to visit. The 63 Building is mostly the an office, but they made some levels for tourists to come and visit. It has an aquarium, a place to see the view over Yueedoe, and more. We will not be able to visit the LG Twin tower but we will still locate them.Han Gang is the main river in Korea. It divides the seoul city into half. Han Gang is a great place to visit. Han Gang is famous for: the night view, cruise, bridge, place to walk, and more. At Han Gang, we will go on a dinner buffet cruise for our last day tour. It will be really fun eating deicious food and the last night veiw of Seoul, Korea.

Day 5: 5/19Sleep/ rest until 12PM.Then after lunch, we'll leave to Dongdang Moon to shop. At Dongdang Moon, it's all clothes. Dongdang Moon is an area where many stores sell clothing.It doesn't cost much, and the styles are cute. Everyone will enjoy it.




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