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glog-891(homes Cole Kelley)

Super Efficient Homes

more factsHow much will your super-efficient house cost? If you do it properly, the cost premium will be less than 10% of the cost of the house itself, with no increase in the cost of the land. The small additional cost will pay back quickly, and your super-efficient home will keep you comfortable and secure in a world of increasingly expensive and unreliable energy resources.

FactsMore than one third of the world’s energy is used in buildings. A majority of that energy is used in houses and apartments. You can help humanity and save a lot of money for yourself by building a super-efficient house.

FactsA super-efficient new house uses only 10% to 30% as much energy as a house of similar size that is built to contemporary standards. You can make a radical improvement in the efficiency of your house without any sacrifice of comfort, convenience, or appearance.

1) What would you have to do to power your house with solar energy? make sure the roof is ok for solar panels and then have them installed.2) what does go green mean? To "go green" means take care of where you live- Earth. 3) what could you plant to help your enviroment? plant a tree4) what can you do to lower air bill? plug air leaks

5) what company makes the best efficient home appliances? EnergyStar6) what is geothermal drilling helpful for? it installing pipes in the ground that will make your home bills lower7) what percentage of heat is loss through windows? 10-25%8) what could you use to help your heat bill lower? get a second heat source

9) who invented solar panels? The solar panel was invented in 1954 by three American inventors. There are many inventors and researches that have put their efforts into the study of solar energy.10) who invented solar power? Hitler


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