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Constitution of America

New York Times and Chicago Tribune gives the movie two and a half stars. The New York Times describes it as "spectacular couldn't be better" and the Chicago Tribune says "you must see this movie."

James Cameron desribes this movie as his best.

"History will be made!"James Madison

The Articles of Confederation were not working out for America. For example a group of farmers took arms and attacked a court and a few other places, this was called Shay's Rebellion.There was too much power given to the states and the states acted as their own nations. It created a weak national government, their was no president, judicial branch, and the legislature was the only branch of government. Most people disliked this way of government. Then a new constitution was made forming a government with three branches and made the states united. Many people were involved in the making the Constition. Thomas Jefferson, the main writer of the Declareation attends the Constitutional Congress with hopes of making a better document to live by. James Madison, known as the father of the Constitution helps write and solve problems to create the Constitution. Gouverneur Morris is in charge of the committee to draft the Constitution. George Washington was elected first president after the Constitution was made. He was elected by the newly formed Editorial College. John Adams helps write the Constitution and becomes Wasington's vice president. This movie wasn't very well written, but even if a producer has bad writers it would still be impossible to make a movie on the Constitution that is not worthy of two stars. The Director, James Cameron did a wonderful job picking his cast. It must have been very expensive! The only problem in this flim is that the plot is expected, there is no personal perspective to it. Like mabey they could have a scene with John Adams writing to his cousin, Samuel Adams and wife telling them what is happning. Or somhow used flashbacks to prove people's point. For example for the time in the Convention going into flashback would explain why some of the people did not want a strong central government. Also they did not say anything about the framers thinking that all they were doing was adjusting the Articles of Confederation, instead they were lied to James Madison went ahead and proposed a new document. Mabey more narration instead of the common people just guessing what is happining. I give this movie Two stars because it is very historicly accurate.

George Washington is played by Tom Cruise.John Adams is played by Clint Eastwood.James Madison is played by Matt Damon.Gouverneur Morris is played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.Thomas Jefferson is played by Bradd Pitt.Benjamin Franklin played by Andy Griffith

The official rating for this movie is 2 stars. **



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