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Quick Tip:Hello/ Hi- Ahn-yong/Ahn-Yong-Ha-Sae-YoThank You- Go-Ma-Wo/Gam-Sa-Ha-Mni-Da

(Just some basic info you might want to know before going on the trip)Country : KoreaCapital: SeoulOther Major Cities: Inchun and BusanCurrency: Won; $1.00= 1,110 wonClimate: Temperate Climate(4 seasons like in theU.S)Time Zone: Korea Standard Time(13 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time zone)Languages: Korean or Hangule

Hello! Our names are Christine and Nina! And we will be your tour guides to Korea! Please ask us any questions about the trip, and we will be glad to answer!

10 Interesting Facts about Korea1. Many people think that Korean dialect comes from Chinese. However, Koreans created their own language. 2. The person who made the Korean 'alphabet' was a king named Sae Jong Dae Wang.3. Korea's national food is kimchi4. The traditional clothes of the Korean people is called Hanbok but it is only worn in special occasions.5. The national sport of Korea is called Tae Kwon Do. Many people thought that Karate and Tae Kwon Do are from Japan, but it was originally from Korea.6. After school ends, most Korean children go to tutors to review and learn ahead. They always strive to be the BEST!!!7. In Korea, you must always show respect to elders-- either by bowing[90 degrees] or calling them by a proper name.8. Half the population is Christian, the other are Buddhists.9. Valentine's Day is where girl gives chocolate to guys, and White Day is when boys give chocolate to girls. 10.Koreans have a day called Pepperro Day where people give each other the Korean version of Pocky.

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