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ST.Mortiz Switzerland in the mid nineteenth century , through the endeavours of hotel entrepreneur Caspar Badrutt. Luge events were first included in the olympics in 1964. LUGE RULES. The rules are easy. The luger must depart from the start of the handles within a certain time once the track is declared clear. The luger is required to arrive at the finish line with the sled in the sliding position. Athelets may no longer push their sleds across the finish line. If you do that it will be an atomatic desqualification. There are weight restrictions on the side of the sled unless you construct the board as you want it. The blades on the bottom of the sled must be a certain temperature range. You also need to have a helmet, gloves, speed suits, boots and spikes.

Luge is like the skeleton and the bobsled and was originated in the health-spa town of St Moritz, Switzerland, in the mid-to-late nineteenth century. Luge was invented by Caspar Badrutt in Dresden Germany in 1883.

Time Line:1800's - Competitive luge racing began in Switzerland60 years later- Canadians started playing the sport 1950's- Bobsledder Vic Emery introduced the sport to Canadians1964- Luge appeared in the Olympic games1964- Emery was the first Canadian luge champion 2010- Winter Olympics in Canada,B.C,Vancouver



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