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This is a map depicting the spectrum of gay rights laws in each state in the year 2000. The darkest red shows the fesest benefits, the closest on this map being Alaska. The darkest green depicts the most benefits. This color is not yet on the map either, the closest being Vermont.

The government should not control people's marriages.

People should not be punished for something they do not choose.

Gay marriage could lead to other non-traditional marriages.

Children should be raised by one mother and one father.

Gay marriage is unnatural.

Gay marriage undermines traditional marriage.

This chart depicts the results of a poll taken by CBS News and the New York Times in 2009.


This map depicts the gay rights laws in the states in 2009. Since then, Maine has imposed a legal ban on gay marriage (orange), Rhode Island has no specific bans on gay marriage (gray), Maryland allows domestic partnerships with some benefits (second lightest green), Virginia has no benefits for gay couples (darkest red), Wisconsin has domestic partnerships (lightest green), Colorado has allowed some medical benefits (second darkest red), Nevada has allowed domestic parnterships (second lightest green), and Washington confirmed domoestic partnership laws (second lightest green).

Marriage should be about two people who love each other, regardless of their genders.

Children should be raised by loving parents, regardless of their genders.



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