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To have a complete trip to Korea you must travel on Korean Air!!!Ticket Prices(Atlanta to Seoul[round trip]):Economy-$1,877.84Prestige-$6,433.84 First-$ 14,131.84 [per adult/persons above 12 years of age]

Travel Info

To go to Korea, you only need a passport. A U.S passport will give you up to 90 days of stay without a visa.(for tourism or business)

IMPORTANT:Flight Number: KE0036Departure Time:May 14- 1:00PMArrival Time: May 15- 4:35PM

Travel Advisories:Since we'll be travelling to South Korea, you will not have to worry about bombings[unlike North K.]Health Advisories:Korea doesn't have any foreign diseases, so you do not have to get any vaccinations.No need to worry about anything else[unless you commit a crime], so just enjoy while you're there

Getting Started

To get a passport, you must submit an application for to the nearest post office, and they will charge you a fee before they send you one.

Passport Info



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