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IMPORTANT QUESTIONS:1) What is Coal Mining? The goal of coal mining is to economically remove coal from the ground. Coal is valued for its energy content2) Why Is It Important? Coal is used in many ways but it is mainly used for energy and even for going into bad kid's stockings...3) Whats The Purpose For Mining Coal? For the company and workers it is to support a family, but for the consumer it would be used for fire and, back then, to power a train.

Everything To Know About Coal

The Dangers of Mining Coal

As you can see, Coal mining has droped because of the decrease in coal over the years.

In West Virginia, there was alot of coal stuck under the ground and when people figured that out, the rock went up in vallue. People of West Virginia used the coal for power and this opened up jobs for people all across the state. I think that it would be normal that after a kid finishes high school and turns 18, he would not be judged if he went down into the coal mines for the rest of his life.

Coal Mining and West Virginina



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