Glog-3836 Effects of Drugs

by mrslawson
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Glog-3836 Effects of Drugs

Effects on a Community

Drugs abuse in the United States alone was estimated at 180.9 billion dollars. This takes money out of local industries and puts it into criminal hands.

Safety may be jeopardized. There are situations where drugs are being produced at home under risky operations. Because burners are usually left on, there’s the possibility for a fire, affecting nearby houses.

The town could become notorious for its drug scene. This can lead the wrong kind of people into the community, lured in by thinking their "product" will sell.

Drugs de-motivate people, slowing down the overall production of the community. Especially under situations where drugs are a major presence, the area would find it difficult to reach full potential.

Violence is also a major concern. Drugs are dealt in a sketchy manor and sometimes when people think they're in jeopardy, they do whatever they feel is necessary to protect themselves. Unfortunately, some people try to control the drug scene by force and things can become violent.



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