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After reading "I Lived a Thousand Years" and "I Shall Not Forget," make a list of ways Jewish people were demoralized in their daily lives before being deported, while on the journey to the concentration camps, and inside the camps. Be specific! Nothing vague or unclear. Now use your list and pretend to be a Jewish survivor. Write a poem about what has happened to you, what is going on in your life, and how you are feeling. Your poem must include the following: *16 lines minimum *A rhyming pattern (Each stanza should follow the same rhyming pattern) *Each stanza should be 4 lines *Incorporate pictures that express the ideas and thoughts of your poem*Music to set the mood of your poem/ or voice narration

A Jewish Perspective

Mood inspired music

Include specific ideas mentioned from the stories or internet

Symbols and pictures

At least 16 lines and rhymes

Option 2: Do the same assignment, but write the poem from Miep Gies's perspective or another Secret Angel.

Grading Criteria for your glog:20 points= Pictures that express the ideas and thoughts of your poem10 points= Music to set the mood of your poem or voice narration20 points= Consistent rhyming pattern/ 1 6 lines / 4 line stanzas30 points= Specific facts and ideas related to one of the stories read aloud and discussed in class20 points= Mechanics (Spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar)

Due Thursday, April 15th!



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