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Poetry Project - Weekly poem is due every Friday.Read 10X and have each listener sign the back.

Third Grade Spelling Words for the week of Jan. 25th.

Mrs. Gagne's

Book Review - Check out "Help Me,Mr. Mutt", a hilarious story told from the perspective of Mr. Mutt and his friend The Cat. Written in letter form, this story entails "expert answers for dogs with people problems." Written by sisters Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel, "Help Me, Mr. Mutt" appeals to the animal lover in us all.

Family FunLiteracy NightJan. 21, 2010

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Closed Syllables-Closed syllables end in a consonant, and the vowel is short!

6th Grade TAGWhat are you planning to do for the January issue of the Schronicle? Be prepared for Friday's class.

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In one syllable words that end in "y", the "y" says "i".

2nd Grade Spelling Words

If a word has more than one syllable and ends in "y", the "y" says "e".

Open SyllablesOpen syllables end in a vowel, or are just a vowel, and the vowel makes a long sound (says its name).

First Grade Spelling Words-Jan. 25th

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3rd Grade Main SelectionWeek of Jan. 25th"Rocks in His Head"

Read Every Day!



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