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Unit 7 Key Concept 1

Directions:Obtain 5 sheets of Legal Sized white paper. Fold Paper in half lengthwise to make a book. All of the information presented for Unit 7 will go into this book.COVER: Draw and color a picture of a Florida Ecosystem. Include plants and animals found here. Write your name, date and period neatly on the front cover.Page 1: Divide the page into 3 parts to Make a K-W-L Chart. List all that you KNOW about the Everglades in the K column. List all that you WANT to know in the W Column. Leave the L (what I LEARNED) column blank until the end of the Unit.Page 2: Vocabulary/Notes from Reading. Define: abiotic factor, biome, biosphere, biotic factor, community, ecology, ecosystem, habitat, niche, organism, population.Give an example of each word from the reading.Page 3: Complete Discovery Education Ocean Ecosystems Activity. Record your results from the Activity on page 3.



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