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Barak was named afterhis father.He loved to play basketballin high school, and he still does!He graduated from Columbia University.He went to law school in Cambridge, MA. He was a law teacher and taught at the Chicago Law School.

The Early Years

Glenny GlenPresident Obama Research

• He married Michelle Robinson.• They have two daughters named Sasha and Malia.

Family Life

• He was the fifth African American Senator in US history.• He was the Senator in Illinois.• His rivals were Hillary Clinton and John McCain.• Many people listened to him speak in Austin, Texas.

• Barak Obama is the first African American President.• He is the 44th President.• His Vice President is Joe Biden.• He is a Democrat.• On November 4, 2008, he won the Presidency.• On January 20, 2009 was his first day in office.

The Presidency

Watch President Obama's Message for American Students

Politics & The Campaign

WatchThe Inaugural Address

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