Glaciers in Acadia

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Glaciers in Acadia

About 20,000 years ago, glaciers carved out parts of Acadia and melted to make the park the way it is now. The water from the melted glaciers is now in ponds and lakes.

Valleys were formed by glaciers sliding through and wearing away the rock. Mountains were smoothed down, they were edgy and sharp before.

Places like Jordan Pond (the wallpaper) and Echo Lake were formed by melted glaciers. Cadillac Mountain is now 1,532 feet tall, but it actually used to be much taller because the glaciers broke off the tip.

Glaciers in Acadia

The last Glaciers advanced out of Canada about 100,000 years ago and spread out 150 miles to sea.

The "erratics" the glaciers picked up can still be seen at the base of Cadillac mountain.


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