George Frideric Handel

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George Frideric Handel

Biography About George Fredrick HandelGeorge Frederic Handel was born on February 23, 1685, and was born in Halle, Germany. He was born in the Baroque time period. His father wanted him to be a lawyer, but George loved music. He study with the organist of St. Michel’s in Halle.

George Fredrick Handel

Continues The BiographyGeorge played oboe, organ, violin, and harpsichord. Two of his famous pieces are The Messiah, and The Water Music. George was the first to perform for King George 2 in 1742. George became blind at the end of his life.

End The BiographyGeorge die on April 14, 1759, he die in London, England. Those are things that I learned about George Frederic Handel .

This is George Fredrick Handel

One insterment he played was the harpsicord

Another insterment was the violin

One of his performances Royal Fireworks

This is George Fredrick Handel's grave

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The Messiah


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