Великолепная семёрка (G7)

by Airykate
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Великолепная семёрка (G7)

The adventure story "Five on a Treasure Island" based on the children's novel of the same name written by Enid Blyton

"It is better to be in chains with friends , than to be in a garden with strangers." -Persian Proverb

Performers Bachanov AndreyZharikov VladSinitsina SvetaHvaschevskaya InnaEskina EvelinaHudorozhko MariaDalchanina NastyaDirector Kudelskaya Ekaterina

Julian: Hush, Tim! What can you hear? Is it the others coming back? Dick! Anne! Is it you? Come quickly, because we've found the ingots! WE'VE FOUND THEM! HURRY! HURRY!George (puzzled): Whatever can be the matter with Tim? He surely can't be growling at Dick and Anne.The 1st Man: Who is here? Who is down here?George: Do be quiet, Tim!The 1st Man: Well, well, well! Look who's here! Two children in the dungeons of my castle.The 2nd Man: What are you doing down here? What did you mean when you shouted out ‘Dick’ and ‘Anne,’ and said you had found the ingots? What ingots?The 1st Man: Oh, so you won't answer. Now listen to me. You are going to write a note to your companions above, telling them you've found the gold and they are to come down and look for it. Then we shall lock up all of you in this dungeon, with the ingots to play with, leaving you food and drink till we come back. Now then- here is a pencil. Write a note to Dick and Anne, whoever they are, and send your dog up with it. Come on.George: I can't! I don't want to get Dick and Anne down here to be made prisoners.The 1st Man: All right- I'll kill the dog then. Write this: "Dear Dick and Anne. We've found the gold. Come on down at once and see it." Then sign your name.”



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