Freak the mighty

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Freak the mighty




Maxwell Kane

"Max" Kane is the son of "Killer Kane" who was convicted for the murder of his wife. So in his life, Max's parents weren't in picture. He has been living with his grandparents, Grim and Gram and up until now his life was pretty normal. He's always been a large, slow, but nice kid and all that was all he was. That was all about to change when Kevin "Freak" Avery moved in next door.

After many amazing adventures with "Freak", Max realizes that his father will get out of jail soon and will be on parole. And when his father finally came back, Max was kidnapped by him and tied up in an old abandoned building. He is held hostage there for a while and one night, his father finally snapped and began to choke him. That was when Freak step in and sprayed Killer Kane with "sulfuric acid" in a squirt gun. The police then took away Kane, and shortly Freak was also taken away from Max. It was not the police that took Freak away, it was death.

Kevin "Freak" Avery

Freak was born with a birth defect causing him to be crippled and have to wear leg braces. He first met Max at a day care, but they were seperated until their middle school years. At first, Freak is not very fond of Max, but after Max saved his toy, they began to have their bond grow. After that, they became pretyy much best of friends.



Together they had many adventures including this one time in which it caused them to grow towards eachother even more. It was Independence Day and the two of them decided to go watch the fireworks when a gang came and messed with the two of them. They began to chase the two and with Max's size and Freak's brains, they were able to out maneuver them. After that day, they started calling themselves "Freak the Mighty". Soon after that, Max's father was released out of jail and had kidnapped his son. Freak had found the location of where he hid Max and fooled Killer Kane by spraying a mixture of water into his face telling him that it was sulfuric acid. Although he had saved Max, not to long after, Freak would have to say goodbye. He was about to die.

"Killer Kane"



Killer Kane is a very hurtful man. He was sentenced to a lifetime in prison, and do you know for what reason? This man strangled his wife. His wife was a beautiful woman, and this physco just strangled her. He also had a son, Max, who much like him was big. He obviously did not care for that childs future. He deserved to sentence a lifetime in prison.


Maxwell Kane and Freak Avery met at a young age and did not see eachother until their middle school years. Little did they know that they would become best of friends. When Freak first moved in next door to Max, he would very mean. It wasn't until Max saved his toy that he became nicer. Together, the two of them had many adventures. Some were good, some were trouble, and some brought them closer together such as the Independence Day incident. That day brought the two of them so close that Freak even saved Max from death and put the dangerous Killer Kane back in jail. Together, they were known as "FREAK THE MIGHTY!"

I do not know who in their right mind would release Killer Kane, but someone did. He was put on parole and went to his son. He took his wife's life and he planned on taking his son's life as well. Shortly after being released, he kidnapped his son and held him hostage for a while. Not too long after the kidnapping, he snapped and began to strangle his own son. He would have finished the deed if it wasn't for Freak who fool him with just a simple squirt gun. After that he was sentenced to his original time plus ten more years. The only place for people like him is jail.

Rodman Philbrick

Alex Phung


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