Forensic Psychology and Development of Serial Criminals

by Megangreenlee
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Forensic Psychology and Development of Serial Criminals

Serial Criminals

Ted Bundy-For the first part of his life he thought his grandparents were his parents and his mom was his sister-Well liked in Highschool, but shy and socially awkward-Graduated Highschool-Went to college-Desperately in love with a girl who everntully broke his heart

-Break up resulted in extreme depression-Strong political career-Married "Elizabeth" who had 2 kids-Went on crime spree but was caught-Escaped and lived a normal life on a college campus-Kills some sorority girls and gets caught again-Marries again while on trial to a woman that was convinced of his innocence: had a little girl that Bundy loved-Represents himself at court-Later she divorces him when she realizes he's guilty-Dr. Al Carlisle said that his psychological tests were "clean"

Jeffrey Dahmer-Normal and loving family-6 years old: Surgery -After surgery was shy and lacking self confidence-Family moved, and parents got divorced-Graduated Highschool-Enlisted in the army

-Discharged from army because of his alcoholism-Most of his victims were gay-Had sex with/Mastrubated on victims (necrophilia)-Represents himself in court-Never had any relationships-Dr. Fred Berlin diagnosed Dahmer with Necrophilia and Sadism

-Depression-Married again-Threw huge parties because he loved to feel important-Insomniac-Divorced again based on gay preferences-Pleaded insanity but found to be mentally stable

John Wayne Gacy-Middle Class Childhood-11 years old:recieved blood clot in brain-Boyscout-Diagnosed with a heart ailment at 17-His dad was an abusive alcoholic (who died young)-Never graduated highschool-Graduated Business school-Invovled in his community-Married with 1 kid-Charged with sodomy twice which led to a mental evaluation (Tested Mentally Competent) -Wife divorced him

Mental diseases/symptoms or causes in blue

-Well liked by people-Aspiring politicians-Married and Divorced (twice) with kids-Tested Mentally Competent-Resumed normal life after jail (until caught again)

-Had medical issues in chilhood-Gay-Sex with victims-Took pictures of their crimes

-Parents Divorced-Shy and socially awkward childhood-Graduated highscool -represented themself in court

Gacy and Dahmer

Bundy and Dahmer

Bundy and Gacy


Bundy, Dahmer, Gacy-Parents seperated at a yound age (Divorce or death)-Went to school, had jobs and were functioning members of society-Behaved well in prison-Killed multiple people without remorse-Impulsive



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