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football glogster raul

Size of a football field 11 are 90m x 120- The lines should be continuous and have a maximum width of 12 inche- The center circle should have a radius of 9.15 meters- The front line of large area should measure 16.5 meters in length.- The front line of the goalkeeper area should have a width of 5.5 meters and a length of 7.32 meters.- The point shoot out is exactly 11 meters from the goal line.



- This is the yellow and red cards in football football boots football shin

- You can't touch the ball with their hands except goalkeepers, goalkeepers can touch the ball only in the marked area.- Each fouled in the area will be punished goalkeeper a penalty.- The faults outside the area of goalkeeper launched from the site where you have.- The faults that the referee deems intentioned be punished with a yellow card, if it is more serious is punished with red card and if the referee considers that it is not serious will not show any card. If the referee shows two yellow's card at the same player you will become red.- Yellow card is just a warning and red expulsion, the player to be taught not be able to play.

the soccer ball shall be spherical, made of leather or other suitable material and should have a circumference not exceeding 70 cm but not less than 68 cm. In terms of weight, it should not exceed 450 gr., And weigh no less than 410 gr. the start of the match.Your text here



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