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Fluorine is cool! Atomic number is

Fluorine is the only element to react with Xenon (a noble gas).

Click here for some cool fluorine facts!!!(They are awesome!!!)

Did you know that water can burn in fluorine?

Fluorine is in a group called the HALOGENS.Fluorine is the most electronegative/reactive element on the Periodic Table. It is also used in rocket fuel.Fluorine would turn into gas if it was left at room temperature.

Please don't burn my wool fluorine please....

The flame of fluorine

Fluorine is a corrosive gas.

Fluorine is in the production of uranium.It is also used in toothpaste.Fluorine is used to make municipal water supplies.

The salts in fluorine are called FLUORIDES.

Fluorine can react with all organic and inorganic compounds.

The melting point of fluorine is -219.62°C and boiling point is -188.14 °C .

Fluorine reacts to all elements except helium, neon,and argon.It is also added to Teflon.

Pure fluorine is a pale yellow, highly corrosive, poisonous gas.

Fluorine also reacts with sulfur, selenium, and tellurium to form halides.

Fluorine cannot react with oxygen or nitrogen directly.

It can combine with chlorine only when heated by forming a gaseous product of chlorine fluoride and chlorine trifluoride.



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