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  • KSessler4 3 years ago

    KSessler4's avatar

    I didn't know where the term Flappers came from before now I do. Good Job.

  • KSessler3 3 years ago

    KSessler3's avatar

    I like the newspaper articles! good job

  • KSessler8 3 years ago

    KSessler8's avatar

    Wow! Impressive work, I like the use of the newspaper articles!

  • KSessler16 3 years ago

    KSessler16's avatar

    Nice pictures and facts! I like that each fact had a picture or more to go along with it.

  • KSessler9 3 years ago

    KSessler9's avatar

    great layout and great information.

  • KSessler2 3 years ago

    KSessler2's avatar

    Cool pictures! Where did you find those?

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