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first amend

The First Amendment

Introduction In the bill of rights, they state their first amendment saying, " We have the freedom of speech,press,religion,petition and assemble. " Today, even some americans dont agree with the amendment, but others do. Here are some of the pros and cons as to this amendment.

Pros- Express our own opinions - Share opinion with others - Right to vote - share opinion with government- Follow individual faiths

Cons- Voices in hate- Spread of hatred and slander- Bitter controversy- Violence in the country- Negative Behavior


My opinion I believe that the 1st amendment is essential to our country and it is a good thing to have it. Without it, we would gave no say in our government and not be able to share our opinion with anyone. The right to report what we want, having the oppurtunity to follow our own faith and protest should be a right to all citizens. However, some may not agree with me. Some people think having all these rights is bad and it is the reason to why so many wars have begun and how our economy has resulted. However, it is important that we give these rights to the people. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be a democracy anymore; we would be a communist country. Also, people don’t think the first amendment is a good idea because it makes us divided; never going to agree on anything. This might be right, but if we always agreed on everything, how will we learn from mistakes? Giving our opinion is important so that our entire country can compromise, making everyone happy.


Conclusion Having these freedoms listed in the 1st amendment is often taken for granted. Having the power to speak your mind is stronger than you think. Although sometimes the freedom has been abused, we should be grateful for what we have and be proud to live in a free country. Countries around the world don’t have the rights like we do. For example, Saudi Arabia limits the amount of rights a woman has, giving more rights toward men. They don’t have any say in their government, which is opposite from us. So be thankful for what you have today and the power you possess.



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