FH Olympic 2010 Drug Trafficing

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FH Olympic 2010 Drug Trafficing

2010 Olympic Drug Trafficking

Faster, stronger, higher--but not that high.The marketing frenzy of the 2010 olympic games has affected the drug trade. Vancouver's RCMP had received a 911 call about a home invasion. RCMP searched the house and stumbled across 107,000 ecstasy tablets, some imprinted with the Olympic rings and peace symbols.The officers had reached the house and the door was kicked in. They searched the house for any possible victims. All they found were 107,000 ecstasy pills and a huge cocaine block. They locked down the house to for a search and had called the drug squad.All together the found drugs had a street value of over $1,000,000. At last two men had been arrested but they weren't fined. The two men had been released but on conditions, they cannot see each other or go to nightclubs since ecstasy tablets are usually sold there.© Copyright (c) The Vancouver Sun

People think drug trafficking can be a smart thing to do since you can make thousands of dollars off the streets, that's why people do it. Drug trafficking may make lots of money but it can be real risky at times. The people that make profit off of it think it will be easy to do and there is no harm. Sometimes in the gang wars the gangs are desperate for drugs and will threaten the drug dealers. The dealers don't really care and tell them to go away because usually all they care about is the money. They will get stabbed or shot to death. Even though the money in drug trafficking can be good and it seems like a good idea, it can end up in a real mess.

Pros/Cons of Drug Trafficking Pro- Well... it's a tough one... increased experience for policePro- Prices go up when there is less drugs in the world. Con- Drug trafficking can sometimes kill you because of gang wars and fights over drugs.Con- Drug trafficking will get you arrested.Con- Sometimes when you sell drugs you get addicted yourself.Con- Changes your personality sometimes.Con- Drug trafficking affects your family because they see you doing something illegal.

Why There is Drug Trafficking




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