Family Unit

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Family Unit

Mrs. Duncanson's Heritage



My Mother's Side Mom: Joyce BartleyGrandmother: Elizabeth BartleyGrandfather: Thomas Bartley

My Father's Side Dad: Lawrence HochbergGrandmother: Jennie HochbergGrandfather: Morris Hochberg

Family TraditionsAround Christmas my children and me make hand made ornaments every year.Every St. Patrick's Day, we get together at my parent's house to eat corned beef and cabage.We always attend or host a family reunion every summer with my dad's side. We always have a huge bar-b-que to celebrate Fourth of July.

The name Hochberg means "high mountain" in German.

My full name is Lizabeth Leigh Hochberg. My mom named me after my grandmother, Elizabeth Bartley, but my she wanted all of her children to have names that began with "L" so she left out the "E" at the beginning.


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