Fallen angels

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Fallen angels

"I was high on guard duty," the spec four said. "My pal brought some smoke from Saigon and we all got stoned."page 18.-The soldiers getting high was a way for them to fit in or belong. Even if they did not approve of smoking, they did it anyways to fit in. The soldiers knew they needed each other during combat, so they must all get along. Finding a common bond was also important in strengthening their relationships. Also, a way for all the soldiers to deal with the traumatic stress of war.

Fallen Angels

By: Walter Dean Myers

Peewee pointed to the wounded Cong. Captain Stewart finished him 182.-Peewee looked to the Captain for a sense of approval. He wanted to belong amongst the rest of the soldiers and saw killing the Cong as the only way. Peewee is a soldier with a weak sense of emotion. Although he does not kill the Cong himself, he wants to belong amongst the rest of the soldiers. He wants the Captain to see that he can deal with the war as good as the others, and that he can fit in despite his weak appearance.

But nobody wanted to go out and risk their lives so Stewart could make 200.-The soldiers saw Stewart as a close friend. Their bond with him was not strong enough for the soldiers to be willing to risk their lives. Although Stewart belonged amongst the other soldiers, he put himself first before the safety of his squad. This sparked a bitterness amongst his fellow soldiers against him. The soldiers felt as though he should be putting forth the effort to obtain the promotion, rather than risking their lives.

I just told him that the war was about us killing people and about people killing us, and I couldn't see much more to 269-All of the soldiers understood that death was something that could always come about. They shared a common bond of risk and brotherhood that created a sense of belonging for one another. They needed their comrades in order to be successful. They bond over the fact that they are constantly fighting for their lives. They know that without having a strong bond and trust with one another they will not make it to see another day.

Judy Duncan -She is a army nurse in Vietnam. Richie sees her only once, but he believes he is in love with her. She creates romance for Richie, and provides him with a sense of belonging. Richie is searching for someone to love and feel like he belongs, but when he learns of her death he realizes he has lost his chance with Judy and to belong.

Most of the guys who extended in Nam did it for the rank, but some had other things in their heads. It was as if the idea that at any moment they could be killed excited them. pages 197-198-The soldiers shared the bond of wanting to belong. Obtaining high ranks was something they all had in common. Despite their motives, all of the soldiers had a common goal, which was to reach the top. War excited them, and gaining power excited them even more. They all wanted to belong and be revered for their accomplishments.

"Hey, y'all hear about the dudes collecting ears from dead Congs and wearing them around their necks?" Monaco 275.-A sense of belonging would be created because their was a reward system created. The soldiers were creating a common bond by setting similar goals. They all wanted the Congs dead, so they themselves could escape death. Others soldiers started doing the killings in order to fit in. Seeing the Congs dead was a way for the soldiers to belong and respect one another.

Harold “Peewee” Gates-Peewee was a soldier tha was always working to belong. He was constantly seeking the approval of others. Although the war put him through an emotional roller coaster, he escaped it through his humor. He used his humor to belong amongst the rest of the soldiers. He wanted all to like him and to ignore his weak exterior. He found his sense of belonging through his humor and ability to enlighten all situations.

Citizen/Soldier- 3 Doors DownJJ McCoy- Sunshine State8th of November- Big and RichAmerican Woman- The Guess WhoTake It Outside- Brantley GilbertSongs are descriptive of supporting or being against war.

I would recommend this book to anyone that is interested in the Vietnam War. The book shows the soldiers point of view of the war and what they went through. I enjoyed the importance of comradery between the soldiers and the author's emphasis on the important theme of belonging. The book helped me see the whole scope of the war.



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